Saturday, February 27, 2010

Buh-bye to the Most Miserable February I Can Remember

February used to be such a good month. It is my birthday month and, even though this year is a milestone birthday, I was looking forward to it. Operative word, was. Now, I am not looking forward to the birthday I am just looking forward to this miserable month being over!

When I started school, we were arranged in classes by our birthdays so, my classroom was made up of those whose birthdays fell from January 1 to mid-March. My best friend, Roger's, birthday was on the 24th, my friend Kathryn's was on the 26th and mine the 28th -- no wonder I can remember that. February was definitely the month of parties. Those were the days! Not this year, however. (Below is a photo of my 6th grade graduation with the majority of the girls in my class -- a couple were missing. )

This has been a horrible winter. We have had snow at least three times. My grandchildren have contracted some sort of illness that I believe they shared with me. My expectant daughter managed to contract some sort of stomach virus from her husband. The month is a complete blur. Complete.

So, with that said, I am quite anxious to see February depart and some warm weather takes its place. I would like to see everybody well and all my projects underway. I am getting way behind in the project arena. I want my ears to unstop and my chest to uncongest and I am willing to forego the birthday celebration in order to hasten the healing.

On that note, I am going to wish myself a happy birthday, drink copious amounts of water, swallow massive amounts of something to decongest me and take a nap!