Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood -- for sure! First off, I can hear -- praise the Lord! Secondly, it is sunny and dry (trying not to jinx things here)! And, I got my hair cut -- a little wonky but cut nonetheless.

So, I have energy and I am rip roaring and ready to go to work finishing up some projects. One I can't show you because it is a gift but just suffice it to say that it will be lovely.

The second I can't tell you about either because of the same reason. However, here are some of the fabrics involved in the creation.

The third I can tell you about. It is a baby quilt for Bean! DD picked out the fabrics -- all colors taken from a set of pictures they are using in the baby room. She chose 22 fabrics as seen below and, if my math is correct (which is always suspect) it will take 7- 4.5 inch squares of each to make up the top. It is going to be true patchwork -- just a mishmash of fabrics and wonderfully soft Quilters Dream Batting. I want it to be cozy and cuddly and just the right size for the baby.

The design decision that has me a bit perplexed is the finishing. I am thinking about prairie points but then, I see a solid binding as well to sort of frame all those prints. I was going to make the squares smaller but have decided on the 4.5 in. because enough of the print will be visible -- any smaller and I think they would mostly turn into "solids" or just "textures". Since there will be no borders or anything I think I am going with either a plain, solid binding or maybe plain, solid prairie points. I dont know but that decision is a way down the road, I will deal with it then.

I am thinking I am going to use my new accuquilt cutter for this. After all the deliberating over buying the thing, I have yet to remove it from the box. This might be the perfect time to try it but......on scraps first. I generally have a huge learning curve on things of this nature.

So, that is what is taking up my time right now. Lots and lots of sewing and planning and cutting and designing and not a lot of confidence even though I have been doing this for almost thirty years! I guess I will always be a novice. Hmm..