Monday, April 12, 2010

Yesterday -- Sounds Like a Song

I don't know what it was about yesterday. It was the most awesome day I have had in a long time. For one thing, nothing was wrong. Well, except for the swollen eye compliments of The Building Project and The Pollen. Other than that, a calm took over Brinkley Manor. I got up early and walked outside. For the first time in weeks the air seemed clear. It wasn't but it was better than it has been. It was cool and very quiet. No banging of heavy equipment on rock, no concrete trucks with their barrels whirring, no people screaming in foreign tongues. And, less dust.

I visited my garden for the first time this spring. Hubby did some gardening and washed the thick layer of dust off everything. Futile, I know, because today the project will be back "on" again and by this afternoon the dust will be back, my nerves will be on edge from the banging that causes the house to vibrate, and the constant roar of trucks will be in high gear -- more concrete today.

But, for a brief time, I was able to enjoy the peace that the garden was meant to bring. It has been weeded, pruned and watered and awaits another visit next Sunday when all is quiet again. While I wish I could somehow preserve this lovely spring we are having but it seems it is going to be measured by Sunday visits. Will that make it go slower or faster? I am not sure.

I am more than pleased with my awesome Sunday and my peaceful garden. It was a contemplative sort of day which I haven't had in quite a while. I was afforded the luxury to just sit and think about things, people, other times, how fortunate I am -- all those things that usually allude us or are taken for granted on a normal day. I can already tell that my awesome day is going to affect the rest of my week in a positive way. I am hoping to keep the spirit of my awesome day alive until next Sunday when I hope to have another.

My awesome day ended as it began -- in peace. My DOK meeting left me, once again, completely rejuvenated by the energy and power of the women of this group. I have never seen anything like this group and it is hard to describe but when I am in their presence I can't be anything but uplifted. I thank God that he has placed me, the least energetic and powerful of them all, in their group to reap the benefit of all they have to offer. I just hope that one day I will be able to give back in some small measure.

My awesome day ended with a dinner invitation from daughter and son-in-law. Palio's pizza, our new go-to pizza "place" was the restaurant of choice and, again, the peace and relaxation I felt was something that I hadn't felt in a long, long time.

Why was I given this gift yesterday? I have no idea. But, I took it, no questions asked and call it a blessing.