Sunday, August 08, 2010


We have big, mean, apparently very prolific wasps in Texas. My husband sprayed two nests in the back last night and when we got up this morning there was one lone wasp trying to salvage what was left of the nest. This afternoon we walked out the front door, I heard something buzzing around my head and we looked up and there was an even bigger nest above the door and he found two more under the eaves! Had I been braver I would have taken photos. Ok, I am not that brave. So, he used an entire can of spray on five nests -- hopefully tomorrow they will be gone -completely

I hope the spray didn't kill George, the lizard that hibernated in the garage last winter. He now lives in the yard and on the window screen -- I will have to check on him tomorrow -- note to self -- check on George. Maybe I will take a picture of George -- he isn't scary.

Oh, I ramble. Obviously nothing to blog. Think I will try my hand at some English paper piecing.