Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Melissa's Thoughts for the Week

It is Wednesday and time for a look at my profound thoughts for the week -- hope the sheer depth of these musings doesn't register seismic action -- joke, folks, joke.

This past winter, buried under snow and ice, powerless for three days, I swore not to complain about the summer and the heat.  Ok, I lied.  I think I am officially complaining now.

The building behind me is progressing -- they are erecting floor three of four -- I feel like I am living behind the mall.  Or something.  This place is for old people, how obnoxious can it be?  I will let you know -- they still haven't installed the dumpster yet.  When they do, we will see how obnoxious THIS old person is!

English paper piecing is, indeed, addictive and a wonderful diet aid -- want a snack -- baste fabric to little pieces of paper instead -- it is a wonderful diversion.

I have to learn how to put pictures on the computer with the new doo-hickey and operating system.  Blogs are much more interesting with photos -- especially photos of the aforementioned English paper piecing. Very colorful and festive.

Bean is growing like a weed and is becoming very chaming.  If you are good she will reward you with a glorious, beaming smile -- lights up the room! If you aren't good, you get a very evil, "The baby is  not pleased" look.   Certainly keeps me on my toes!

I am getting bored with facebook. I much prefer blogs.

I have learned the joy of washing dishes by hand.  Ha! I know, I know.

I can't understand why, in my old age,  I have decided the thing to do is have heat rash every summer.  It certainly is uncomfortable and puts a damper on the joy of summer fun -- oh yeah, there is no summer fun because we are all melting.  Forgot.

I am thinking that Delaney's Pub might be a nice place for dinner -- how can you not like a place that hangs out a sign "Finally open" -- guess it was a long time coming -- better try it before it goes!

I think it is time to get the day started.  Emails to write (again, got deleted accidentally yesterday -- touched the wrong touchy button -- tiny netbooks, gotta love em), toilet paper and paper towels to purchase, laundry to pop in --