Sunday, December 05, 2010

Change is In The Air

I have been playing around, changing things here and there on this blog. Don't you love my new header photo? It is the same as on my Wordpress blog but you can see more of it here. It is a little bistro in London. We didn't eat there so I don't know if the sign is correct when it says "great British food". I intend to find out if I ever return.

There was one place that had excellent food. It is the pub that my daughter's family goes to all the time. I believe the name is The George and Dragon. It was a cozy little (well, not really all that little) place where I had this lovely chicken and mushroom dish --- no photo.

I do, however, have a photo of what my husband ate -- he didn't manage the whole thing and ended up sharing which made everybody happy but it made a great photo!

Well, this was my experiment to see if I could do photos again on this blog and it appears that I can so I may be posting here more often.