Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday Fill-Ins

Well, what do you know -- it is Friday Fill in time and I am actually doing this on a Friday! Go me!

1.  It's 2011! I want to get skinny, read books, write blogs and make many crafts!

2.  Tuna fish salad just isn't right without pickles!

3.  Thankfully I have my family and my health -- if you ain't got those, you ain't got nothing.

4.  "Things" are not the best things in life.

5.  I am so excited about tomorrow!

6.  The Aggie's play their bowl game tonight -- 7 p.m.!

7.  And as for the weekend -- tonight I am  looking forward to Aggie football, tomorrow my plans include running around with the hubs and Sunday I want to do church and look for snow!