Saturday, March 12, 2011

Five Things I Can't Live Without

There is a popular meme circulating dealing with the five things the person writing the meme can't live without.  I sort of take issue with this, even though I know it is all in fun, because unless you are talking about food, water and shelter, I don't really know of any of the trappings of today's life that we can't live without.  Look at the generations of people who lived without much of what we have today.So, I am changing things up a bit. My meme is going to be about preferences. Also, I won't be adding God, Hubs, The Kids (all four) or the G-Kids (3) because, after all, they are NOT THINGS, they are all a very necessary, serious, life sustaining part of my life and will not be part of something as superfluous as a blog meme.

So, I prefer to call my meme --

The Five Things I PREFER Not To Live Without

1.  Central heat and air.  I live in Texas,  'Nuf said!

2.  Refrigeration.  Living out of a cooler isn't fun unless you are camping.  A power outage isn't considered camping in my book.

3.  Books.  Once a reader, always a reader.  I am not complete unless I have a book to read.  Or a magazine.

4.  My gas stove.  While I did have to override the electric igniter when we had the power outage during the Big Snow last year, I could light it with a match and cook.  So, yeah, no electric cook tops for me anymore.

5.  My glasses.  While I can see from here to probably Austin, I can't, however, read the aforementioned book without specs.  So, yeah, gotta have them.

So, there you have it.  Maybe the next meme should be called "Five Things We Could All Do Better Without".  I have a list for that too but that is another post.