Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In

Just saw this while visiting Not So Plain Jane (see the list of blogs I enjoy) and decided to check it out.  I am so going  to be there! I just hope I can remember to take photos.  I will be working on some Christmas cross stitch that I have been working on for a while now.  So, why don't you join us for this little activity -- a little sewing, a little wine, a little movie watching -- sounds like Friday to me! Visit for the details.
Friday Finds

It is Friday (yay!) so, over at Should Be Reading, it is time for Friday Finds.  I have always wanted to participate in this but never really had anything to post but this time I do.

I tend to listen to controversial conservative talk radio while in the car.  For some reason I can't listen to rock music anymore -- too distracting -- and classical puts me to sleep so I listen to people talk. My favorite venue is KLIF Dallas and that is where I heard the interview with Rita Cosby, radio talk show host. 

Rita Cosby has written a book about her father entitled "Quiet Hero: Secrets From My Fathers Past".  It is about her father's imprisonment in a World War II POW camp, his freedom and his life after the war.  While growing up and being inquisitive, Rita would ask questions but be told that her father had a rough time growing up and they just didn't talk about it.  The family was estranged when her father just picked up and left one day and they lost touch.  Upon her mother's death, while she and her siblings were going through her mother's things, they happened upon an old suitcase that contained the remnants of her father's "other life" -- the one before he came to the US.  At that point, Cosby decided to find and reconnect with her father, which she did and the result of that reunion was this book.

Listening to the author talk about her work was compelling.  She was so full of passion for this book and for her father.  I can't believe that a book written with that much feeling wouldn't be a good book so I went looking for it.  I went to all the local Barnes and Noble stores but it wasn't in stock so the store that I frequent has ordered it for me and for the store and I hope to have it next week.  I could probably find it as an e-book but I feel like this one should be read in a "real" book format.