Friday, July 01, 2011

I don't really know if this counts but  my latest acquisition is

I received it in the mail yesterday and looked at it today.  I mistakingly reported it, in a previous blog, as 350 recipes but it is 300 and each one looks wonderful.  I have a bread machine that I have had for years and years but have only started using it on a regular basis for a short time.  I do like it and I have one white bread recipe that is a hit at every dinner I serve it.  I am thinking that trying one recipe a day, give or take, would be a great blog entry -- sort of like the girl in Julie and Julia sans pearls.  However, to start today would require that I go to the grocery store and since it is my anniversary and it is only 7:37 a.m., I think I will just pass on that and maybe start on Monday!  We will see.

Size Matters

I would estimate that my library consists of about 2500-3000 books.  This is the largest it has ever been and I HAVE downsized some.  I have a weakness for craft/stitching/sewing books and have even received two new ones in the mail this week -- thank you  I also seem to have much more of a "thing" for cookbooks than somebody should who doesn't like to cook -- received one in the mail this week --- thanks again, Amazon.

The only reason that I don't have more books is because I have no more space, hence the e-reader.  I don't even know where I am going to put the three new ones.  Right now they are next to my chair.  The cookbook will probably stay in the kitchen since it is a bread machine cookbook and I LOVE my bread machine -- 350 recipes, a new one each day! Wow, that sounds like a challenge.  I digress.

I would naturally assume that  my childhood library was the smallest but I have no idea how many books I had.  I will say that my mother had to get my grandfather to build bookshelves on one wall of my room to hold them.  We were big fans of books clubs -- The Best In Children's Books and Nancy Drew were two of them.  I still have many of those books and some that I inherited from JLSHall -- mostly Bobbsey Twin books.  I also liked the Honey Bunch books and have actually acquired a few more of those quite recently.  I still love children's books and I still buy them. 

So, that is about the size of it for my library -- haha! As much as I hate to admit it, I have no control over my buying habits and, at my age, I probably won't even try -- I have a great idea for closing in the patio for a nice little sun porch/reading room completely with -- yes, more bookshelves!