Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Won't Lie

but I am a bit more than down in the dumps.  The last week has been monumentally challenging.  A week ago at this time, we were dealing with the realization that my husband was newly retired.  Then we took the car in for routine maintenance only to have to buy a new battery since the old one died in the parking lot at the shop! I guess I could look at that as providence -- it could have died in the grocery store parking lot.  I am trying for the half full glass here. I was also dealing with the fact that in one weeks time I would be doing more major dental work. So, the rest of the week was spent as I usually spend it -- laundry, cleaning, sewing -- nothing new here except trying to deal with all the drama that descended upon  me rather quickly.

Well, here I am a week later.  The Hubs seems to be doing quite well -- he has been doing some yard work -- good exercise for him.  I looked at him today and he looked really good -- his face was lineless and he didn't have that tense, stressed look about him that had become the norm.  He was surveying all his gardening and he seemed ok -- no, more than ok.

The car is in good working order and seems to like her new brakes and new battery.  Yes, my car is a girl.  If she had a name it would be -- well, I don't know what it would be -- so many possibilities.  Maybe Giselle.  Hm...I have to think about that.

I, on the other hand, am not too happy.  I sat in the dentist chair for two hours as he drilled away a brand new crown, destroyed a relatively new crown and removed the tooth with the fractured root.  It was difficult.  I thought it would be easier but I was wrong.  It is sore and will be more so tomorrow but the thing that is really hurting is my tongue! Don't have a clue why but it is killing me and I am just not feeling well.  It makes me wish it was autumn and I could curl up in a nice, warm robe, dose myself up with something painkilling which I could do anyway but it isn't quite a nice without the nice, warm robe.  I would put a fire in the fireplace and just sit.  However, it is 103 outside so no fire and no robe.  A cup of tea would be nice but ice water is more appropriate.  So, here I sit -- not at all happy but I am sure things will get better.  The last time I did all this dental work -- about six weeks ago -- I lived off chocolate malts but I am going to try to do better this time.  Chocolate malts don't really fill you up, just out.

On a different note, however, there is much news out of Texas this week.  Glenn Beck is moving here and starting a new television station.   I know, I know, but I like Glenn Beck.  I don't always agree with him and don't always listen to his radio program but I find him to be entertaining.  Who knows, I might even run into him say at Home Depot or someplace.  After all, he is moving close to my daughters neighborhood.   In more disturbing news, rumor has it that Casey Anthony might move to Texas.  Disturbing.  Very Disturbing.  And...Texas is fighting for the lowly incandescent light bulbs.  Actually, Texas is fighting against what it sees as too much Federal Government intervention into our lives.  We will see how that works out.  Could create jobs if we open up a bunch of light bulb factories.  Who knows what turn it could take. 

So, with that I am going to make that cup of tea, put on a nice, summer duster and curl up with my book "Franny and Zooey" and read.  After another dose of Advil and a good night's sleep I think I might be ready to get back into the business of life.