Monday, July 25, 2011

Do Any of My Canadian Blog Friends---

live near Alliston, Ontario?
The End of an Era

Hmm..sounds fancy for getting rid of an extra house.  I think today will be the last day at the old house before it becomes somebody else's new house.  It will make me a little sad but it definitely needs to go.  It is the house we moved into when we came to this town and I was glad to have it.  It is almost twice as big as our first house and worked well for two growing kids.  We would still be in the house if it wasn't for the deterioration of the neighborhood and the increased crime activity.  Every time I go there I think about what I would do to change things up -- a perpetual "project" -- no, I don't think I am into "projects" anymore -- we have done many.  So, I am spending the day there, picking up the last few bits of our "stuff" that I have no where to put and really no need for and do the last vacuuming before the realtor comes.  I think I am ready.

There are a couple of reasons why I am ready -- the first is that I am tired of dealing with, worrying about and feeling guilty over this other house.  It takes up too much time and thought.   The second reason is  that I am ready to get on with our new "retired" routine.  I don't really think it is going to affect my routine too much in the long run but for the last three weeks it certainly has.  What with trying to keep the hubs busy so he doesn't sit and stew and trying to get the other house finished, it is like we are on perpetual vacation and we all know what coming home from vacation is like -- piles of laundry and feeling completely out of kilter.  I am ready to be on a regular routine so things feel right again, I think that will go a long way to making me feel like this "retirement" is a bit less of a disaster.  I am also ready to be rid of the other house because I am planning a bit of a weekend getaway.  I am not sure when but I would like it to be as spontaneous as possible and I want to go to my favorite place in the Texas hill country -- Fredericksburg.  Fredericksburg is a neat little town and one that a lot of my family came from -- well, around that area anyway.  Just down the road is an even smaller town called Harper which is where my family really came from and it is just a short drive from Fredericksburg and a neat place to visit if you are into genealogy.  I am hoping to take a lot of photos, maybe eat some good German food and spend the night in a nice little B&B -- maybe even a Sunday House.  More on it later -- if we actually get there.

So, on that note, I am off to bring this latest project to a close and get it done before the 104 degrees kicks in.  More later!