Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Opps -- I slipped -- Thirty Days of Thanks

Yep, got busy and just didn't post -- oh well, making up for it now.

November 7, 8, and 9 -- I am thankful for our good weather, aspirin, and the internet!

Why you say?  Well, the good weather is a great blessing after the horrible summer we had.  I just hope the horrible summer isn't a precursor to a horrible winter but for now it is really nice.  I am thankful for aspirin because I seem to need more of it these days what with the allergy issues and the aching knees.  The internet is the last, probably the least, and the diciest of all -- but think of the world it has opened up! Yes, there are bad things out there but those can be ignored.  Just think of how much information is out there to be gleaned and for somebody whose childhood was filled with days of reading the World Book Encyclopedia it is like a candy store!