Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cedar Fever and the Last of the Christmas Posts

I officially have Cedar Fever -- I feel like I have the flu without the fever -- my eyes look horrible, my ears are hurting and my chest feels like I am in the beginning stages of bronchitis.  It is worse because I failed to shampoo my hair last night after being out in the wind yesterday so everything that was blowing around stuck in my hair and I should have washed it before going to bed.  Now I have to change pillow cases and wash my hair and take benadryl.  Yuck.

I am really just a little crazy sometimes.  I read blogs and love the photos on them so I always want to add a photo to mine.  The only problem with that is I forget to take them.  The same was true this Christmas.  I made four ornaments and wanted to show them here but, alas, no pics.  My son in law was kind enough to send me photos of the one I made for Beanie and here it is.

I can't figure out how to rotate the bottom one.  I made two more for Kathryn and Nathan and one for Joy.  If I can pics from them I will edit.

I also made Kathryn a purse but, again, failed to take a photo of that either.  Note to self -- well, you get it.