Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gone Dormant

Ok, before anybody gets mad at me for lack of posts or decides to unfollow me let me explain.  It seems I have gone dormant.  I don't feel well.  I have allergies that give me horrible headaches.  I keep getting a burning in my chest right under my collar bone every time I go walk around outside -- allergies again, I assume as it feels very bronchitis-y.  I have decided to slip back into my seasonal depression -- I do this once in a while, no worries, it will go away.  I have gained weight and now that is heavy on my mind -- no joke intended and I have been babysitting three days out of the week and I am just tired. Oh, and my joints hurt -- shoulders especially -- both of them, with sore places that make me yelp when touched.  So, I might be away until the weekend but I will be back as I have some photos to post and hopefully I will be in a much cheered up mood.  Blah :(