Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Not Gone -- Just Babysitting

Hi, folks! No, I am not gone -- I just have a week long babysitting gig.  And you know, there are some things you get too old for.  I have been in bed, out like a light, at 9:30 every night since last week!  Oh well, it feels good.  Dinner out -- who knew there were so many plant based choices in restaurants -- and home to a warm bed -- nothing to complain about there!

Speaking of plant based -- going well, it is.  I did eat a little meat over the weekend and, oddly, it didn't even taste good so I didn't end up on one of those craving binges.  I haven't craved sweets either so it is working for me.  I have dropped about 5 pounds, or maybe 6 which is a great  added  benefit.  The only thing is, my already low blood pressure is even lower now which I am not sure is so great but I feel ok so I am just going to watch it.

So, ok, was just checking in and now I am checking out -- gotta hit the road and see you later!