Thursday, March 29, 2012

A View from A Window

I really wish we had had more winter, maybe even a little snow (can't believe I am saying that) so my photos of my garden  would look different.  When I asked Hubs to download the photos from my camera to the computer he even asked if these were duplicates.  I explained that "no, they just all look alike".  However, we did have some rain so there are a couple of drippy snaps that do make things look a bit different.


It looks worse than it was and we really needed the rain -- certainly made a difference in the plants!

And this is what has been going on for the past few days -- The Hubs has decided to re-landscape the landscape and I have to say that I am liking the changes -- lots less liriope!

Here are a couple of our resident critters --

We have a very strange, furry bird we like to call Stretch.

And then there is Jet --

I discovered a new, little baby chameleon in the mint today but didn't get a pic and Hubs discovered a snake that he dug up and I don't think he even thought about taking a photo! Maybe tomorrow I can catch the baby lizard for his first, official photo -- I think I will name him Geico!

So, that is the view from the window (door) for this week.  I will take more photos as the re-landscaping progresses and you can tell me what you think!