Saturday, March 31, 2012

Archie's Gardenland

Ft.Worth is chock full of garden centers -- large chain operations and little tiny side businesses.  One that we frequent is called Archie's Gardenland.  Before Hubs began the Great Re-landscaping project, we visited to pick up  a few things and get some ideas about what we wanted to do.  While he was busy doing the thinking, I was busy doing some snapping and so, welcome to Archie's Gardenland!  Notice Hubs surveying the goods!

Archie's is located on a side street which can be easily missed if you don't know where it is.  They have pretty good prices compared to the big box "plant" stores and they have a lot of unusual stuff as well, like this thing in the large pot.  It is very twisted and gnarly and I was going to remember the name but my memory is a bit gnarly too, sometimes, and theconcept of pencil and paper just eludes me on occasion. 

At the beginning of the season, their plants are striking when on display.  The colors are bright and the plants are all just beautiful.

Of course, the bluebonnets -- and red bluebonnets -- were gorgeous.  I would love to plant a whole field of them in my yard but I don't have a field!

Archie's has some lovely little areas set up to show how to create a lovely, peaceful, serene garden.

And then, there is the fun, unusual, quirky stuff -- not to mention the "Texas" stuff -- where would we be without the "Texas" stuff!

So, that was our visit to Archie's Gardenland.  It was a beautiful morning and obviously sparked the creativity (or insanity) in Hubs because shortly after he went on this wild, maniacal re-landscaping venture.  Is that what newly retired people do?  Who knew?