Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A View From a Window -- Thursday --

Ok, I didn't post last Thursday and I know it isn't Thursday today but I keep THINKING it is Thursday so I am going to post this today just on the basis of me being a bit late and a lot confused -- blame it on the allergy issues.

For the last several months, I have been joining in Jane's "A View from a Window" adventure and was very appalled that my "views" didn't vary, at least very much, until Hubs decided to do some re-landscaping and then things looked  a bit different.   We also have a new resident at one end of the bed -- a new crab apple tree.  It is a lovely shape -- I hope it grows quickly.

This end is where he started and it is mostly finished

The cannas, oregano, basil and ajuga seem to be doing quite well in  pots

Another mint bed -- he just could bear to throw all that mint away

Pincushion plant doing well

The lantana on the side of the house that has come up in an awkward place all on its own but we  can't bear to get rid of it

The other end awaiting new mulch

Ornamental sweet potato vine -- I hope it does as well as my neighbors did last year

More vine

Husband battling the sage bush -- the husband won

New crab apple tree to replace the sage bush
You can barely see the new tree but it is there and isn't the new mulch nice?

And to share some other photos -- the Easter Egg hunt at church was a huge hit with the shorter crowd -- see what you think

Bean assessing the situation
Mom -- is it really ok to just swipe these eggs?

Bit of a scuffle over an egg but Bean was a lady about it and then proceeded to give him several more eggs

I don't know his name but his little brother was baptized  earlier  and his family wore traditional Korean  formal dress


Lively group

And then there was the fog --

One way to try to hide the condo behind us

And Target

Kinda Spooky!
Next time I might have to change my view to the front of the house as the Hubs is tackling that flower bed next!