Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In My Head

It is a busy place, in my head.  There is always something going on in there -- conversations, telling people off, making lists, organizing, apologizing, planning, wondering -- all without saying a word or using a pencil and paper.  It gets more complicated when my husband finds his way into my head which seems to be happening more and more as we get older -- we seem to be able to know what each other is thinking and while that is probably something to be expected with people who have been together for as long as we have it is still a bit -- uh, spooky for him to verbalize what I am thinking.

It seems that my mind has been working overtime lately and I thought I would share some of the things rambling around in my head.

The first thing that I have been thinking about is that retirement and menopause should never, ever be allowed to occur simultaneously.

I have also been thinking about how the  sewing pattern companies are really stingy.  Have you priced sewing patterns lately?  Outrageous.  Plus, they print multiple sizes on one pattern which means you either cut a bunch of the sizes away or you have to do a lot of extra work tracing the pattern onto the material all for the tidy sum of at least $12, without a coupon. So, you get a lot less paper for a lot more money and I don't think that is ok.  For what they cost, I think we should get lots and lots of paper.

I have also been thinking about how items that we used to have have just completely disappeared.  Has anybody else, who had children in the 80's, noticed how few toys are available now? However, they come out with a new e-reader/tablet at least every six months.  I don't get it.  Did  I mention that I  would like the two new models that Nook has out, please?

I have realized that you are never too old to color.

The older I get the more I like sitting still and feeling.  Not thinking -- it is deeper than thinking -- it is feeling.

I think blogs are magical.

I am definitely on board with the trend toward small house living.  With one bathroom.  Why would anybody want four toilets to scrub? Sometimes I really miss my  little house on Schmeltzer.

Things that used to allude me when I was young are crystal clear to me now.  That doesn't seem quite fair when I needed knowledge and understanding then but now -- well, who cares?

I have tried to turn into my mother, my grandmother and my two aunts.  That is normal.  Now, it seems I am turning into my daughter! That is not normal but she has really good taste and buys really cool things.

I had a really nice day today and hope for a repeat performance tomorrow!

What an odd post from me -- I just haven't finished my book yet for a book review! I will try to get done so I can stop with the strange writings.

The Simplicity of the Day

It began as the light crept through the louvers on the shutter leaving little lines across the wall and my eyes.  One last snuggle into the blanket and I was awake -- a stretch and I was up.  Tea and toast -- my favorite breakfast -- brought back memories of a little kitchen with a little table and chairs.  She was pouring canned milk into the half cup of tea and slathering the bread with "real" butter.  A moment of missing her and I am back to today.

Pink and white flannel -- soon to be winter pajamas in summer.  Cutting, stitching, dreaming of pink buttons but accepting sticky tape instead.  An anchor?  Maybe an initial?  Whatever it will be, it will be navy.

A drive north, my mind jumping from one thing to another -- trying to keep the fears at bay, the sadness in its little box where I keep it.  How did that car get upside down on a side street?  The things you see on an ordinary afternoon! The curls, the puzzles, the first ever chocolate chip cookie -- smiling, sparkling eyes as she looks at mother for approval.     The perfection, the innocence -- miss her even before I leave.

Home again, home again -- dinner, a show -- the sun sinks slowly, the light fading from the behind the louvers -- the sleepiness settles in, the promise of a new day tomorrow with hopes of another simple day.


What are you currently reading?

The Red Queen by Phillipa Gregory.

What did you recently finish reading?

Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman.  I was reading this concurrently with the Gregory book.

What do you think you will read next?

I have several new books on my shelf but the one I am eyeing is "The House I Loved" by Tatiana de Rossay.