Friday, May 25, 2012

A View From A Window (Door) (The Driveway

I have been following and participating in a weekly look at my yard from the window as hosted by Jane at The Maple Syrup Mob,  I have had to fudge a little on the window part because I couldn't get a good view of the yard from the window so I have been taking the photos from the door or, on occasion, even outside the door.  Well, this week, it gets worse -- it is the view from the driveway.

My views of the back yard didn't change much over the winter as we didn't really have winter but then, in early spring, Hubs decided to re-landscape the landscaping and that provided this blogger with some really nice before and after photos.  The backyard is  finished, however, except for the never ending weeding so Hubs has now moved to the front.  The reason that this is "a view from the driveway" is because I can't see it from the windows.  Yes, there are windows in the garage but trust me, that part of the garage is the Hubs little  woodworking wonderland and there is no getting near the windows so, 'nuf said.

So, let's begin at the beginning, almost.  When this photo was taken, several bushes had been removed along with a bunch of ground cover and at this point we were trying to figure out what to do with these purple bushes whose name escapes me at the moment -- something about fringe plant -- I didn't like them and when this subdivision was built, the builder put them everywhere.

It was a mess from the beginning which we just made worse by trying to "improve it".  So, after all the bushes were out, Hubs took to the rock path and made it more structured than it was originally

After much ripping out, rearranging, mulching and agonizing over moving rocks and the pain after moving the rocks this is what he had --

We were then left with this little curvy piece of real estate and were dead set on putting mondo grass in it only to learn that mondo grass isn't going to grow in that perpetually sunny location so we ended up with this...

It is dianthus and has a lovely little red flower on it.  We aren't done as we want to add a piece of  "something" to add interest and we are going to have to remove a bush that didn't make a transplant but all in all, that is the front flower bed and we are quite happy to be rid of the giant shrubbery!

So, that is my view from the....driveway!

I have written a perfectly lovely post which is now in draft because my photos are all wonky! Has anybody else been having problems posting photos on blogger?