Wednesday, June 06, 2012

6 June 2012

It feels good to get back to some of my daily posts -- I haven't done them in ages! So, for this week's w.w.w. Wednesdays, here are my responses.

I am currently reading Below Stairs by Margaret Powell.  It is the memoir of a classic kitchen maid whose story was the influence for "Upstairs/Downstairs" and "Downton Abbey".

Just prior to this book I read The House I Loved.  It was the story of a woman who refused to give up her home during the renovation of Paris.

I am not sure what my next read will be.  I have taken a break from my Aunt Dimity books and would sort of like to get into another mystery but I still have three birthday books to read and they all look wonderful so I am  not sure which way I will go -- I might just have to close my eyes and grab one!