Thursday, August 02, 2012

2 August 2012

Recently, Booking Through Thursday asked readers to suggestions questions they would like to see asked.   Two of the questions submitted were asked this week.

From Pooch -- "Overall, what factor influences your choice of your next read?"

If I have read a book that I especially enjoyed, I might immediately seek out another by the same author just because I was not ready for the initial book to end.  If I am reading a series, for the most part, I will move right on to the next in the series.  With that said, I have not read the "Aunt Dimity" books without a break in between.  I have tried to read them straight through but found that I enjoyed them more if I broke it up because there are so many.  Even though  I have a list of "to be read" books I find that many times something else catches my eye and I am totally distracted.  So, I guess my answer would have to be -- whatever seems like a good thing to read at the time -- I don't know that there is any set formula.

from Sefcug -- "What is it that makes you want to read a book by an author you have never read before?"

While I have authors that I enjoy time and again, I choose books that seem interesting to me regardless of who wrote them.  I am not as "into" the author as much as I am "into" the story.  I do have my favorites, however, and whenever I am at a loss for something to read there are certain authors that I go back to over again because I know I won't be disappointed.

With that said, I would be remiss in not expressing my sadness over the passing of Maeve Binchy.  She is one of my favorites that never disappoints and the literary world has lost one of its best.