Thursday, August 16, 2012

16 August 2012

Today's question at Booking Through Thursday is "what is the most emotional read you have ever had?"  

I would have to say that "Sophie's Choice" would be at the top of the list.  "The Diary of Anne Frank" would be a close second.  

I tend to read emotional books but I do try to keep it reasonable.  A little emotion goes a long way for me and I don't enjoy reading something that is going to leave me in the depths of depression for days.

16 August 2012

Good morning! For those who read my blog, I am not gone -- I am babysitting.  School has started and my daughter is back to work and I am babysitting Bean.  I thoroughly intend to take my netbook as soon as I figure out why in the world it doesn't want to connect to the wifi.  When I do, I won't be away from the blog nearly as much.

However, for today, in the spirit of my friend Gill, I would like to share a link.  I read my hometown newspaper (that would be San Antonio, Texas) every morning and I noticed this house in their real estate section.  There are things about it I like -- the kitchen for instance -- and things I don't.  Who in the world needs a dozen bathrooms to clean up?  Goodness, hubs and I would never see each other in this house!  The land it is on is lovely, however.  Perhaps I could lease out the big house and build a little house in the back!

Moving on, I am currently reading "So Far Away" by Meg Mitchell Moore.  It is a very captivating story about three women whose lives intersect in a very unusual way and yet each one learns from the other.  It isn't a particularly long book and I am half done.  One of the perks of babysitting is that I have at least a two hour stretch of reading time every afternoon.  Of course, I fall sound asleep for about a half hour (getting up at 5:30 a.m. finds me ready for a nap at noon, for sure).  However, I am getting lots of reading accomplished and enjoying the time guilt free.

So, it is time for me to hit the road -- just about.  I have about a 45 minute drive but, fortunately, the rest of the city must be slow risers because the traffic isn't too bad.  As soon as I get the computer figured out it will be joining me so I won't be so far away from the blogsphere.

Toodles (as Bean says, thanks to Minnie Mouse) and I will be back soon!