Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bloggy Blahs

I have the bloggy blahs.  Well, maybe I just have the blahs, period.  I think the weather has something to do with it.  Last week we had some really autumn like days-- especially in the mornings.

 They were great.  The rain was nice but now we have the molds growing and my allergies are feeling it.  I couldn't hear on Friday which I am sort of used to -- the first thing to go during allergy season is my hearing but it sounded like a freight train was running through my head and the pressure was really bad.  I finally took enough Mucinex to make it stop.

We had a lovely dinner out with Hubs brother and his wife, and my mother in law last night.  We went to Edohana and had a hibachi dinner.  It was exceptionally good and I definitely recommend eating with chopsticks -- you are forced to eat slower and you really enjoy the food.  It wasn't overly crowded for  a Saturday night.

On the way home, Hubs mentioned he had a scratchy throat so, of course, my this morning, he is full blown sick with allergies.  Suddenly my stopped up ears don't seem so bad.

I have been in the mood to cook but haven't done much about it.  I did put some pinto beans in the crock pot this afternoon.  Those will be put in the freezer for future use and maybe eat some tomorrow night.  It sounds like I am in the mood for  fall.  I had intended to put some bread to cook and might still and I had great plans for muffins and cookies but that hasn't happened, either! It seems all I want to do is read.

I did manage to do a couple of loads of laundry -- I didn't have much so I feel accomplished in that regard.  Other than that -- I have just sat here with no energy and no drive to do much of anything.

I hope these doldrums leave soon because I have a lot of things to get busy with -- I have a "to - do" list a mile long and just sitting here with a stuffy head and stuffy ears and itchy eyes isn't go to help me much.

So, hopefully, after a good nights sleep my energy will come back and I will be back to my perky self.  In the meantime, I think I will have some Tylenol with my scrambled eggs and biscuits.