Friday, January 04, 2013

Let it Snow -- NOT!

I am pleased to say that it is not snowing this morning.  I can't tell you how happy that makes me since I have a lengthy commute this a.m. over many bridges and over passes.  It is well above freezing is Friday.

Looking forward to the Cotton Bowl tonight.  We are an Aggie family so this is  a big deal to us -- more to some of us than others -- I will probably be asleep half way through! It should be an exciting game, however, so I will do my best to see it through.

I am currently reading three books which is huge for me.  I don't usually read more than one at a time because I usually get involved in one and sort of abandon the rest.  However, this time, they are three different genres so it is easier.  I am reading the Judi Dench autobiography And Furthermore,  the children's book The Bobbsey Twins, and a novel that I borrowed from my daughter's mother in law -- Birmingham Rose by Annie Murray, a contemporary British author.  It is this Murray novel that is monopolizing my attention right now but I am doing a fair job of splitting my reading time between the three.

Ok, time to pack lunch and head out.  Have a wonderful day!