Saturday, January 05, 2013

Who Do You Think You Are?

Does anybody remember that show of a couple of seasons ago?  It was a product of Ancestry, the genealogy website and featured celebrities researching their family history.  I really enjoyed the show because I have done genealogy for years and years and visit the Ancestry website on a regular basis.

I was intrigued a while back when I learned of the Ancestry DNA program.  I was quite interested in learning more about my father's side of the family -- there are some mysteries there -- but I was not able to participate in any of the DNA programs available since I was not male.  In fact, there was only one male left in the family that could be tested and he didn't seem to be interested.  Unfortunately, before I could press him, he died unexpectedly a year ago.  So, when the Ancestry program came about I was excited because it is an autosomal test which would show both sides of a females DNA -- it just can't tell you what ethnicity comes from which side.  I ordered the test, provided the sample and sent it off.

About three weeks later I got the results.  I was simultaneously overwhelmed and underwhelmed.  I was overwhelmed because I thought it was so cool to have actually participated in such a program.  I was underwhelmed, not because of what it showed me, but by what it didn't show me.  I know I have some American Indian ancestry and it didn't show up at all, even in the "uncertain" category.  I was most interested in finding out if my father's father was actually from Irish Jewish heritage, which we suspect, yet, nothing "Jewish" showed up at all.  I understand the test is shallow but wide which may show a lot of heritage but maybe not so far back so possibly what I am looking for was too far back for it to show up.  They say the results can change as more people participate -- I am not sure how that would affect my personal DNA, I guess I need to do more research as to what the results mean and how they are compiled.

 At any rate it was an interesting thing to do but I have to say that I am a bit put off by the fact that I paid $129 to take the test and they are having a New Year's special and the test is now $99 for a limited time.  Figures.

So, here are the sought after results -- no surprises.  Maybe that is a good thing.

British Isles -- 86%
Central European -- 6%
Scandinavian  -- 8%

I tried to post the actual page -- it is pretty -- but it wouldn't work so you are just going to have to take my word for it!