Sunday, January 06, 2013

Come Along With Me To My Little Corner of the World

My world in chaos -- front view
More chaos from behind

Little World Being Reinvented

Lovely coaster made by my daughter

My Grace Internet Radio over which I listen to many interesting things -- mostly "The Archers".  It has a lovely headphone jack so I can listen during the never ending football games

Coaster with a lovely cuppa

Headphones which allow me to listen to Hulu, the radio, all manner of things and not disturb

My link to the outside world of books

My top -- a gift from my husband who makes them -- it makes me smile and keeps me from getting bored

A needle case made for me by my husband -- he is very talented 

My organized needlework drawer -- handy for keeping sewing things closeby

Sewing stuff all hidden away

So, this is where you will find me a lot of the time.  Welcome to my little corner of the world!