Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stop It!

Ok, here's the thing.  I love to blog.  I don't do it often enough and I don't do it well enough but I find that blogging serves lots of purposes -- it provides me an outlet to write, which I love to do; it provides me an outlet to vent which is sometimes necessary; it provides me an outlet to share and to get to know other people.  I run  a clean blog.  I am NOT a person who enjoys or participates in the seedy side of life.  I am religious, I am patriotic, I adore my family,  I am an advocate for those who need one and I do it all in a wholesome way that I am not ashamed for anybody to look at or read -- that is why my blog is public.  However, it seems that, for some reason completely unfathomable to me, my blog is being visited by porn sites as is registered in my "stats".  I understand that is just an undesired risk when you have a public blog but, really?  What in the world could be attracting this sort of reader?  I have noticed that this has happened occasionally but it seems in the last week or so it has increased a lot and I am not appreciative of it.  I am concerned about it, I am not sure why since the readers don't comment or make their presence known in any way, but it bothers me and if it continues I will be forced to make my blog private which I really don't want to do -- but I will if I have to. 

I read lots of blogs, I find them very informative and enjoyable, and I try not to just "lurk" but rather leave a comment that I was there.  I don't always but I try to.  It bothers me that my blog is attracting this sort of people and, unless I look at the stats on the dashboard, I don't know it -- it feels like a violation of sorts.

So, to my unwelcome friends --- please go away or make yourself known.  There is nothing here that should be of any interest to you and I am not comfortable with the idea that you are here.  Thank you.  Have a nice day.