Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sorry 'Bout That

Earlier I used my blog for a minor rant that I have since removed.  I was completely aggravated about not being able to find things in retail establishments like we used to be able to find and how the internet, Pinterest and Facebook were ruining us as a  society.  Pinterest makes us long for things and places that, for the most part, are unattainable for just average people.  I believe that Facebook has disintegrated into a venue for politics, religion and arguments mostly about one  or the other.  I don't like to argue -- it makes me nervous.  The internet has given us the gift of instant gratification -- information now, the ability to purchase most of whatever we want now, the ability to communicate instantaneously.  As a result we have lost the sophistication and grace and, to some extent the ability, to pen a note, to go on long shopping trips where we buy nice handkerchiefs and lunch in classy department store restaurants,  to go into a store and actually find what we are looking for -- nice stationery, little girl's under slips, heaven forbid, gloves! 

Ah, yes, it is time for me to get my foot out of the last century and carry on with the here and now -- to accept that we will never again wear gloves except for winter items and it is highly unlikely that any childish tears will be wiped away with a beautifully embroidered Irish linen hanky.  I need to realize that "times they are a'changing" (thanks BD) and move on but lunch in a classy department store restaurant sure sounds nice.

Reading Update

First off, I got flowers! I GOT FLOWERS for absolutely no reason! Yellow roses, my favorite because I am, after all, a Texas gal!  Ok, I just had to share.  Back to the books.

I have completed two books for my challenges this week.  The first one, a gift from my daughter, is The Cross Country Quilters by Jenifer Chiaverini, the third in the Elm Creek Quilt series.  The second was a 1959 Bobbsey Twin book entitled The Bobbsey Twins at London Tower.

I started the Elm Creek series a couple of months ago after receiving the first book as a gift from my daughter and son-in-law.  These books are right up my alley as they deal with current events, contemporary problems, yet they do it with humor, camaraderie and determination. This book, like the prior one, explores the lives of several women, delving into their unique situations, their problems and solutions.  The underlying theme is their connection through their quilting and their association with Elm Creek Manor.  These women, from all different walks of life, have one connection -- quilting -- and that connection is all they need to provide friendship and support through all the ups and downs of their lives.  These books are realistic yet uplifting.  I can't wait to start the next in the series.

The second book I completed was The Bobbsey Twins at London Tower.  This was a re-read for the 2013 Pre-1960 Children's Challenge that I am participating in -- sort of.  This is only my second book so I am clearly not clipping along at a good pace.  At any rate, I received this book for Christmas when it first came out and had it read, even then, in a day.  I have always had a fondness for all things England -- it is my motherland, after all -- so this was of huge interest to me even back in 1959.  It involves the Bobbsey clan getting to go on a trip of a lifetime when their father had to represent his company at a convention in the UK.  Of course, there is a mystery involved that began near their home in  Lakeport and followed them all the way across the great pond to the UK where the pursuit of a couple of thieves continued.  Of course, the mystery was solved, the thieves apprehended and the family returned home feeling accomplished and pleased that they were able to help their friend, Mr. Warwick recover some of his property and they were able to acquire some special miniatures for the castle they built for the local children's hospital.  In re-reading these books in adulthood it is sort of comical that these children possess such adult characteristics and are so in control of situations that most children wouldn't be.  They aren't, for the most part, realistic but they are enjoyable for sure and this won't be my last re-read for this challenge.

So, with that, I am off to make potato salad for Easter supper and dust my furniture.  A Happy Easter to all!