Sunday, April 14, 2013


Yes, indeed, wow!  As you probably know, I have a long commute each day and, being the anxious soul that I am, I am always looking for ways to make it easier or more enjoyable.  In my youth I loved to listen to rock and roll music and sing along in my off key, monotone shrill, preferably with the windows up so my teased, sprayed "bubble" do wouldn't move an inch.  Or a quarter of an inch.  Anyway, those days are gone.  No, I don't sing any better but the love of rock and roll music has diminished and the hair has revolted and taken on a life of its own.  I still  like the music of the 60's as much as I ever did but it sets my teeth on edge to listen to the "oldies" station and only hear music of the 90's.  There is a station -- KAAM -- that plays REALLY old music, like from my babyhood, but the reception isn't so great.

So, I moved on to conservative talk radio.  Yes, I am conservative in my political views, for what political views I have.  I am pretty much blah about it all but I thought maybe listening to "talk" would be easier to listen to than "squawk".  WRONG.  Oh, listening to it was fine but by the time I got home I was either so depressed or so angry that I discovered that it wasn't helping my commute at all.

What to do?  Well, my son used to listed to books on CD so I thought I would give it a try.   Off to my neighborhood used book store to score a copy of something.  I looked at what they had to offer -- not a bad selection but my goodness -- the price on those puppies, even used! My eyes rested on a "copy" of "Folly Beach".  I had looked at the book in B&N many times, only to put it back.  Then I looked at it on the sale table at B&N, only to put it back but I took a longer look at this little box of CD's.  Mostly at the price.  $4.99.  Yep, I thought it looked like a great introduction into audio books.

I was right.  I don't know what it was but this was a fabulous experience.  It was read by Robin Miles, an actress who has devoted much time to reading books for the blind.  Her voice, with her soft, flowing southern accent reminded me or Werther's Original caramel candy.  Her voice changed with the characters so there was never any trouble following the storyline.  She didn't read this book, she "acted" this book.  It reminded me of old time radio programs.  It was so smooth and so entertaining that I was sad when it ended. 

The story was actually two plots in one -- the story of Cate Cooper and her rise from the ashes of what was her marriage after the suicide of her philandering husband, Addison Cooper  and the story of Dorothy Heywood, wife of Dubose Heywood, and her collaboration with her husband and George Gershwin in the writing of "Porgy and Bess"  --as written by Cate Cooper.  Technically I guess this could be called historical fiction because the story about the Heywoods and Gershwin, was true.  Dorothea Benton Frank did  a fantastic job of weaving the stories of these two women together -- one fictional, one real -- and bringing all the lush scenery and atmosphere into play as well.  Add in a few "characters" like Ella and Aunt Daisy, a bit of controversy like Ella and Aunt Daisy, an annoying daughter-in-law Alice, neurotic daughter Sarah and introduce a bit of  sauciness to Cate  and you have all the makings of a great "southern" novel.

So, I was in B&N the other day and there it was, this glorious piece of fiction, on the sale table again and I really wanted to buy it for my personal library but I put it down, yet again. I decided that my CD's would have to go on the shelf instead because I don't think reading the book would have the same impact as listening to Robin Miles' beautiful voice.  This is one I might actually have to listen to again!

BTW -- it was a wonderful solution to my travelling problem -- I don't think Mark Levin will miss me, do you?