Wednesday, July 17, 2013

And She Lives to Tell The Tale --

Yes, today I went to visit the little doctor man.  I was anxious, upset, and my hands felt like they had been in cold storage.  He was friendly and personable.  I was comfortable with him and the nurse although I still don't like the Nazi receptionist.  The final result was my heart and lungs sound normal -- how can that be -- I have an irregular heart beat and I have heart palpitations and now I have chest pains.  Ah, yes, anxiety.  The blood sugar was normal but he did the A1C anyway.  The thyroid is in question but we will have the results of that Friday as well.  So, he sent me on my way and pronounced me ok albeit somewhat of a nervous, anxiety ridden walking disaster.  Take Clariten for the allergies, exercise, good about that 31 lb. weight loss, get a new b/p monitor and have a nice day.  Sigh.  I am pleased, don't get me wrong, I am just surprised.  Is the mind all that powerful to make a sick person out of a well person?  I guess it could be.  I think I am a good example of the first year psychology student who analyzes everybody -- maybe I know a just enough medical stuff to be dangerous.  In any event, we will talk more when the test results come back.