Saturday, January 04, 2014

Shopping Spree!!!

I have always had an interest in quilting but I prefer hand quilting to machine quilting even though it is hard on my hands.  I don't really care for machine piecing because I am not really very good at it but hand piecing is so -- well, slow.  So, I have been exploring English Paper Piecing and absolutely love it. I started with EPP a while back and abandoned it -- don't know why -- but have picked it up again.  It is something mindless to do while watching tv and it doesn't make a huge mess. 

I am also going to go back to foundation piecing because I like the accuracy of it.  I have made a few blocks with the paper foundations and find it a lot of fun, once I figure I have things going correctly.

However, after browsing through several blogs I realized I needed some new stuff to do either of these techniques. No, I don't really need new stuff but what a great opportunity to go do a little shopping.  I haven't set foot in a quilt store in quite a while so it was good fun.

This is what I came home with.

1.  Add-a-quarter ruler to make my trims better on my foundation piecing. 

2.  Two packages of templates for my English Paper Piecing

3.  Sewline glue stick to eliminate basting on the EPP.  I have tried it but not
      sure how I like it yet.

4.  Refill cartridges for the glue stick.

5.  Clover applique pins.  TINY! but oh-so-cute.

I guess all this means I need to get myself in gear and start getting busy!