Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Weather

I don't like to complain because I am seriously grateful for each and every day and don't feel that complaining is a viable use of my time..  I find gratitude to be as essential to life as food and water.  However, I am a bit weary of the weather.  I live in Texas and Texas is known for its weather changes.  Today is no different.  For the last couple of days we have had springlike summer-like temps -- mid-80's, light breeze and beautiful sunshine.  My daughter and her family spent the day at the local zoo and actually mentioned being hot.  It didn't start out so beautiful though, at least at our house.  This is what our morning looked like out my back door--

Just on the other side of this foggy wall is a huge Target store but you would never know it

From the front as it starts to lift

However, the fog lifted to expose a beautiful day.

Today -- yeah, not so much --

Oh dear -- it is blue-- a sure sign of ice or snow
So, I was hoping this was going to be our last arctic blast -- we will see if I am right.