Saturday, May 03, 2014

Homestead Farms

On Thursday Hubs and I decided to go on a little field trip.  The weather was gorgeous albeit windy but we decided to just go with it and get out.  Our exploration of choice was a place called Homestead Farms on Keller-Hicks Road, Keller, Texas.

Homestead Farms is a small farm owned and operated by the Farris family -- a young couple with a young family.  Homestead Farms is geared for children and families and is very welcoming.  It is a bit difficult to find and get to due to road construction but we knew where we were going so we didn't have any issue. It is really sort of amazing how a short drive down a driveway and suddenly you have left a busy street with a lot of businesses and you are smack in the middle of the country.  It was great.

I took quite a few photos and I think they will tell the story of Homestead Farms far better than I can. So....

Crops looking good!


Pretty chickens

More chickens

Silly goat -- or is it?

chicks and bunny -- there were also some ducklings



Beautiful hanging baskets

Somebody stayed in for lunch

baby goats

More baby goats -- very friendly

Just a fraction of a huge herd of dairy goats

The name is Billy -- Billy Goat

And pigs -- very large pigs

Flower and vegetable plants outside the farm store

Beautiful -- I mean handsome -- rooster

Loved those chickens

The tomato crop -- they grow really good tomatoes

The farm store

The farm store is very small but very interesting.  They stock their own produce as well as produce from other neighboring farms.  They also have meat from local producers.  There was an interesting stock of coffee and honey  and soap-- beautiful, gorgeous-smelling goats milk soap.  I bought the one that is scented with rosemary and mint.  It is lovely.  We also bought a couple of tomatoes and a package of pork chops.  The tomatoes were fantastic -- tasted like tomatoes and made my husband think of growing some himself.  He is still thinking about it.  We had the pork chops for dinner tonight.  Hubs grilled them and they were very good.  I will be going back for more.  They also have chicken and beef and I am anxious to try both.

We were looking for something different to do and this filled the bill.  It was interesting and fun but most of all, it was peaceful.  Right off a major road, who knew we would find someplace so quiet and so serene.  They have picnic tables and benches and I think next time, we will be toting a lunch box with us to just sit back and take in beauty of the country.

Thanks Farris family for creating such a neat place!