Sunday, June 01, 2014

A Little Re-do

I have been doing a little bit of cleaning out and rearranging and I ran across a box of photos and pictures that I had forgotten about.  I removed a lot of the photos from frames and put them into an album but there were a couple of framed cross stitch pieces that I found a home for.  I also found a picture of a little girl -- very vintage.  I am not sure when I got this picture but it belonged to my aunt.  She was a retail buyer and would acquire home furnishings and accessories from the stores she worked for and I think picture came from one of the stores she worked for.  At any rate, I have an awkward corner in my hallway that was partly decorated and when I found this picture I decide to add to the corner.  I also fell heir to a couple of Hammer plates.  My MIL was doing a clean out and thought that since I like plates I might like these so I added these to the corner as well.  So, what do you think.?
Shelf my husband built for me many years ago.  Nice but still a little bare

The adjacent wall

The picture and the plates

Same corner, different view

Should I have left well enough alone?