Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy Autumn!

I meant to do this several days ago but I hadn't gotten my pumpkins yet.  Earlier I decided today was the day to do my pumpkin shopping.  Since my "stoop" isn't very large I buy little bitty pumpkins just to add some color.  I really love those huge heirloom or fairytale pumpkins, and I think one would fit, but I don't want to make getting in and out of the door difficult  so I opt for little ones and call it "my minimalist decor".  The flowers in the pot are not real.  It is hard to keep anything watered on that little porch so I opted for some colorful, silk items just to bring some color in.  Of course, it doesn't feel like fall here but I like to go by the calendar rather than the weather when decorating.  If I waited for it to feel like fall there would probably be about five minutes between putting out fall decorations and Christmas decorations so I just do it when it is logical because our weather isn't logical.

So, on to make zucchini bread and cookies! Have a wonderful weekend.