Monday, October 13, 2014

Boo!  Yes, I know, Halloween is still more than two weeks away but our weather changed and it feels SO FALL! I love it! It is cloudy and windy and just grumpy outside -- so spooky like!

Ok, enough of that.

I have never been huge in the decorating department for any holiday.  I like decorations, I like looking at decorations, I like the atmosphere that decorations impart.  I do not, however, like the hefty price tags on ready made decor (or for the components to craft lovely handmade items)  and even more, I don't like having to put it all away with so little storage space as I have.  So, I am a minimalist decorator.  However, this year I added a couple of things and thought I would share.

My header shows the small decorations outside my front door.  My front door is inside a wall with a gate and the area is more courtyard- like so I like to keep things uncluttered.  Some of us are clumsy normally, a condition that doesn't improve with age, so I try to keep the fall/stumble/trip risk to a minimum. 

Moving indoors, I would never do anything major for a holiday such as Halloween but I do like adding a few fall touches just to warm up the space.  This is what I add to liven things up -- not much for sure but just enough for me.

This little guy has been around since my kids were little. He is very cheerful.

Decided to dress up the table with new placemats - they reverse to Thanksgiving so I will share that later

Trying out a bit of a banner on the mantel -- I might do this again for Thanksgiving and Christmas -- depends on my available time

This cute clear glass pumpkin was purchased last year -- it is small and almost sparkly

So, there is my interior decoration.  I might add a bit to it if I run into something really cute but if I do, it will be autumn inspired and not Halloween -- I like things I can use to span the entire season because as I said -- putting the stuff away is not my idea of a fun time!

Happy Fall!