Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Rant, A Craft and a Plan

Ok, first the rant.  I went to Joann Fabric and Craft Store over the weekend to purchase some Wilton decorations for cupcakes.  While I was there I decided to look for some cute Thanksgiving decor.  I don't do much decorating but I love to set small stuff around just for color and atmosphere.  I was taken by surprise when I discovered that there was nothing there! No little pillows or pictures, nothing with inspirational words, nothing orange/gold/green -- no TURKEYS!  Instead I found myself in an ocean of red and green peppermint stripes! Really?  When did we do away with Thanksgiving?  Is this political?  Is this an effort to make American's forget our history?  If it is that easy to just simple abolish something as traditional as Thanksgiving is Christmas next? Probably not -- too much money involved there.  While I am sure it is just a "retail thing" my imagination makes me think there is something more sinister afoot.  If nothing else, America needs to slow down.  Way down.  We are just charging through life like a lightening bolt.  I don't like it.  Not one bit.  Something has to change but I am afraid that it has to be the people that change it because I don't think the retail society will do anything but get worse.  I for one am closing out the retail world until after New Years. Bah humturkey.

Rant over.

I haven't said much here because my daughter in law prefers her privacy and I respect that wish but, in the middle of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas plans, we are expecting a new addition to the family.  A baby is due to my son and daughter in law in mid November so  we are planning for this event as well.  I was asked to provide some crafty items so I spent last weekend working on these and this is what I came up with.

It is common practice here to decorate the hospital doors with something festive to let the visitors know who is new and who is living in that room for a day or two.  I have done this with my other three grandchildren and this one is no different.  So, this is what I did for the door --

Painted some wooden letter with Wicker White craft paint and pink paint pen for accents

Sewed some pink fabric from the quilt to some green fabric and backed with fusible interfacing (Pellon)

Placed in an embroidery hoop and glued the edges down -- secured with clothes pins till dry

Blank canvas waiting for embellishment

Glued on the name and then a cute little wooden bunny.  The bunny was chosen because there is a bunny in the quilt fabric

I chose these ribbons to go with the colors of the fabric

Big puffy bows aren't my strong suit but it looks ok

Finished product! Hanging by a sheer white ribbon

I am making a quilt but I am not finished.  It isn't a secret so I will share some information about it.  It is a wrapping paper quilt -- or striped quilt-- the fabrics are peach/pink/green/turquoise and a stripe.  It is the striped fabric that also has a little turquoise bunny.  It sounds boyish but it isn't -- it is very girly and I really like the way the colors work together to make a very lively, yet babyish quilt.  I will post photos when done.

I was also asked to make a dresser scarf and a nightstand scarf.  I did that as well but I didn't have enough quilt fabric to use so I just chose a white fabric with very pale pink polka dots.  It will blend nicely with the quilt even if it doesn't match perfectly.  Unfortunately I was in such a hurry to get the project completed I didn't take photos but they were very plain so you can imagine what they looked like.

So, that brings me to "The Plan".  It has occurred to me that my record keeping practices need to be improved upon.  Maybe that should read "implemented" as I don't really keep records of any sort about anything.  Then, when I need to refer back to a project, a purchase  or a recipe I don't have anything to look at and my memory is good but I am finding that it isn't as easy to recall some things as it used to be.  I do have a recipe box which works nicely for the recipes but I decided that I needed a notebook for just that -- notes.  While in my neighborhood Target store the other day I noticed that they had cute little 5 X 8 loose leaf notebooks with all the supplies -- paper, dividers, etc.  I was headed out this a.m. to get one but one look at the pouring rain and I decided to look around and see what I had in the house that would suffice.

I just love it when I practice what I preach!  Shop your own house!  I found a 1" white loose leaf binder that is brand new, unused.  I still buy school supplies in August, even though my children are grown, and I have a huge supply of notebook paper.  I picked up a bag and what did I find but a new set of dividers.  So, I didn't have to go out in the rain and I didn't have to spend any money to buy what I already had.  I felt so accomplished! 

Now that I have the "household" notebook and a set of 8 dividers I am going to organize my purchases, recipes that I use routinely, ongoing lists, holiday lists, etc.  And I am keeping it where I can find it and refer to it -- no putting it away.  Oh, I also have a brand new box of page protectors so I can use those as well.

So, that is what I have been up to.  In the next few days I will be finishing the quilt and some Christmas projects I have started.  I will share all of it when I am farther along

Oh yes -- Happy Guy Fawkes Day to all my British family and friends!