Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday --

It is Monday.  It is cold and getting colder.  I forgot to take my allergy meds last night so I am all stuffy with a headache.  Should get a flu shot today.  Need to go grocery shopping just in case the weather gets very bad -- I don't think it will but we have been known to have ice in November and I don't want to be caught without the necessary paper products, milk, allergy meds and a turkey.

Fortunately I have lots of reading material and sewing projects.  I stocked up on flour, sugar and eggs so I can do some baking if I wish.  Must get some gas in the car just in case.  All this prep should shoot the temps back up into the 70's right?  Isn't that how it usually works?  I have lived in North Texas for 24 years and am still baffled by how much different the weather is here than "home" -- San Antonio.

Getting on with my Christmas prep.  Going to start some decorations of the homemade variety today.  Have a few things ordered and on the way.  My minimalistic thinking has finally crept into the holidays -- token gifts this year.  Nobody "needs" anything we have to give anymore.  When the kids were first married there was always something for their house or their kitchen,now, not so much.  When the kids were tiny there was always some new toy or new clothes but now, their needs have changed as well.  We have a new "little" on the way which could probably use some wintery things since she is coming in the middle of this cold snap so that will probably be in order but for the most part -- a few things to let them know we love them and have thought of them -- a hug and a kiss and watch them grow another year.  I have watched my daughter stress out over trying to declutter their house -- mostly outgrown clothes and toys -- and I have made a mental note not to add to that.  Nothing is worse than trying to live in a house that has too much stuff.  Both my children live in adequate -- even large -- houses but realistically -- no house is meant to store unlimited amounts of stuff no longer useable.  So, I will do my part to help them out and my gifts will be thoughtful, small and not of the variety that will generate guilt if they decide to toss them.  Nothing is worse than having to hang on to things because "somebody made it" or "somebody bought that for you".  They are things and unless it is valuable -- like jewelery or coins or such -- I don't expect my kids to keep what I buy for posterity.  Well, maybe the books.

I do like giving books as gifts.  When I was a child reading was a wonderment to me -- I was thrilled when I learned how and from that time on my main source of entertainment was reading.  It still is.  And coloring in color books.  I still love that as well -- yes, I color but I use colored pencils now and color by number books for adults!  Shhh-- don't tell anybody but the latent artist in me -- you know, the one who can't draw a straight line with a ruler -- loves to color.

I digress.

Speaking of books, I am almost 3/4 of the way done with the new Jan Karon work "Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good".  As usual, she has done a beautiful job of creating an environment that I can get lost in.  I can recommend the whole series without reservation.  Great cold weather reads.

I bought a couple of books off the internet last week.  The next in the Agatha Raisin series -- "The Terrible Tourist" and a book I saw my daughter reading "An American Childhood".  I have been reading the Raisin books on my Nook but have discovered that I can get them cheaper by either going to Half Price Books or Ebay.  I don't really want to start collecting the whole series but I have to be cognisant of my quest to get want I want at the very best price I can.  Obviously the best price would be free and I am going to make an effort to frequent the library but it is a habit I have gotten out of and I am sorry -- note to self -- must do better in that department.  I honestly don't know why I am acquiring books in any form at all -- I have two complete shelves on my bookshelf devoted to yet unread books.  Reading, to me, is a bit like quilting -- I have to be in the mood for something so my reading really has no rhyme or reason -- just what hits me at the moment.  Sort of like my entire day to day existence.


Ok, I am getting very rambly now -- don't really have much to say and no really great pics to share.  I am enjoying the pics of the poppies and in the Tower of London moat -- such beauty to represent such sorrow -- very striking photos though -- I hope they leave them there indefinitely.

Have a wonderful Monday, all!