Sunday, December 21, 2014

'Tis the Season!!!!!

To be completely strung out.  Yes, indeed.  Full on pre-holiday chaos.  None of my own making.  Well, except for the procrastination part.  Minor detail.

I was doing pretty good in the preparation department  -- most of the shopping done.   I made a decision this year to do things differently.  In the past I have given my big kids money but still went on to buy gifts which somehow defeated the purpose of the money being easy.  I managed to stick to my guns on that one this year -- they will be getting money and I have included gifts but they are small token things which don't require copious amounts of wrapping. 

For the children I have chosen to do the same thing.  The small token gifts are just that, chosen not to have any conflict with Santa or other grandparents.  They will be getting gift cards as well -- even the newest arrival. 

So far so good.  On the Christmas front. 

The baptism of the newest arrival has been planned for three days after Christmas.  There will be gifts there as well.  Handmade items to become heirlooms -- maybe.  One trick there --  have to finish said future heirlooms.  Time is beginning to crunch, crunch, crunch........

The house, which was relatively ready, is now strewn with thread, sewing supplies, and all the other Christmas stuff I have dragged in and just sat -- more ornaments -- paper, ribbon, paper bags......brain shutting down.

Was going to have a lovely day on Friday attending the Bean's Christmas program and party.  It was lovely until......the cookie.  The cookie with nuts....brought into a "nut free" environment.  Now, Bean has never knowingly had a nut before because her father has a nut allergy and it has always been one of my daughter's greatest fears.  So, half the cookie was consumed before a cry commenced -- "my mouth itches!".  Yes, indeed, her mouth itched, her lip swelled, she said her tongue was getting big.  Picture this -- chaotic classroom to begin with now punctuated with a rather short, panicky child surrounded by three hulking adults trying to force Benadryl down her throat.  It worked, she was fine and now the question of the nut allergy has been answered.  She now has a referral to an allergist and an epipen.   Nona is wondering if a little spiked egg nog would be really wrong before noon.

And to top it all off --- today is my son-in-law's birthday! Happy Birthday, SIL!  Who knew?  I thought I did.  I thought it was next weekend.......oh dear.

And what do I want to do?  I just want to sit and read.  Yep, read.  My ultimate escape.  I had planned this holiday to be stress free -----

Stress -- comes like a thief in the night to steal my joy!  I thought my plan to streamline Christmas and be organized would be helpful but I guess not. So......

Next year -- next year.

Back to my book.