Sunday, December 28, 2014


Advent 2014 is a memory and we are firmly into the Twelve Days of Christmas! I thought I would share a photo of the nativity and how it has progressed.

The lighting isn't the best -- you can see it better in the header.  I am so glad to share that the shepherd managed to make it even though he was a bit late.  He had a bit of a bounce on the floor resulting in him getting bruised and battered -- smashed to smithereens, actually -- but my DH was determined that he would see Christmas so he painstakingly glued him back together with fingernail polish and there he stands -- a little worse for the wear but he is there.  A replacement is in the mail but I have a feeling this won't be this little guy's last Christmas with us.

Tomorrow we will celebrate the baptism of our newest granddaughter, Emily Therese.  I won't be posting photos of the child as per her parents request but I will post photos of my gift to her.  I made her a baby quilt as I have all the babies.  I made it in the form of a "wrapping paper" quilt which is really just a striped quilt.  This is the second I have made in this style and I have to say it works better with bright colors and bold prints but I do really like the little bunnies.

These colors look brighter here than they really are

Cross stitched monogram

Little blurry but trust me,  it is cute.

My husband is gifting the sweet babe a wall cross that he made.  He did a wonderful job -- I love the pattern.

Sorry for the flash -- seems it reflected off the black background which is our tv cabinet.

So, tomorrow we will celebrate the baby, the baptism and Christmas all in a day.  It will be tiring but it will be good.