Monday, December 29, 2014

Well, we have come to the end of this meme for the year.  I haven't participated each week but hopefully that will be different in the upcoming year because this is a great site to be introduced to new books.

This week I am reading "Rosengren's Books:  An Oasis of Mind and Spirit" written by Mary Carolyn Hollers George.  It is a non-fictional work about a bookstore in San Antonio, Texas that was founded by Frank Rosengren.  This bookstore was a intellectual haven for authors such as Robert Frost and Bennett Cerf and a whole host of others.  It was a "hang-out" for the local intellectual crowd as well and had the ambience of a well used, well worn personal library.  This book was of personal interest to me because my father was a friend of the family.  I already knew a lot of the history of the family but this just adds more.  I always felt that they were an interesting lot but I had no idea -- I wish I could go back and talk to Figgi as an adult -- I am sure he had many more stories to tell. 

One of the fascinating things about this book, other than the subject matter, are the vintage photos.  Especially interesting to me, obviously, are the ones of  San Antonio.  Being a native of SA, I have always been interested in local history and the local characters.  This is one of the more interesting families.

Moving on through the next few days, I will be organizing some of the books for my challenges.  Last year I only did one challenge and that was fun but this year I have signed up for several more and am looking forward to getting started.  I have already decided on my book for the Newbery Challenge -- The Giver.  It is poised and ready to go.  Will be looking for my next Aunt Dimity book and my next Agatha Raisin book.  I think I will have to order my next Elm Creek series book as I can't seem to find it in any bookstore.  So, that is my plan for the next few days -- I wish I could get my house as organized as my reading plan!