Monday, January 12, 2015

Calm in the Chaos or Tidying the Untidyable

My friend, Mary, has been challenging herself to tidy one messy place at a time.  I was inspired by her and tackled my very own, personal, messy spot.  It is the table beside my chair where I live.  Now, I am not one to ever have a "model home" that looks like nobody lives there -- I have to have my "stuff" close at hand.  That doesn't mean it needs to look like a bomb went off or that the house had been ransacked.  So, here are my before and after photos.  I am almost ashamed to show them but...ok, here goes.

 What a mess -- mail, sewing stuff, opps- candy wrappers, cups, Bean drawing -- yep, a hot mess.

After the clearing up.  My coaster that my daughter made because I always have a cup or glass.  My current reading stack including a notebook to make notes in.  When I sit here and do family history searching, I am always making notes so a notepad is essential.  The little container with pens and pencils in it was a gift to my father while he was undergoing radiation treatments.  There was a older couple there with the husband going through treatments as well and the wife did ceramics and threw pottery.  After learning that my father was an artist, she did this little pencil holder for him.  I treasure it because it meant a lot to him.  I put it here because I am always looking for a pencil or pen and can never find one so I am trying to be organized.  Also, the phone and a pin cushion that opens and holds my rosary and some handmade lotion.

Rhonda from Down to Earth has posed a challenge to tidy up the pantry.  I have taken a "before" photo and will take an "after" when, and if, there ever is an "after".  There needs to be because some very clumsy person (me) spilled a whole bunch of flour in there and, even though I initially cleaned it up, I still keep finding it.  So, we will see what it looks like when I get done.  However, until there is an "after" nobody is seeing a photo of the "before".  I'm just sayin'.

Yes, indeed, it is Monday.  It started out with a brisk wind but lots of sunshine.  It has now dissolved into a strong, cold wind and absolutely no sunshine -- just lots of clouds.  I am glad I did my grocery shopping early so I can just close myself up and cook/read/play video games -- yes, I play video games.  Supposed to keep the mind alert -- whatever.

Anyway, back to what I am reading. I am currently reading the next title in my Aunt Dimity queue -- "Aunt Dimity and the Next of Kin".  I am about half way done and there is no "next of kin" surfacing as of yet. I am on several mystery series challenges and a "finish the series" challenge -- at this rate, that one is going to be a dismal disappointment.

However, after looking at my daily blog reads, I see where JLSHall ( has listed a current finish -- "The Red House Mystery" by A. A. Milne.  It looks good and so I purchased a copy for my e-reader.  I seem to read so much faster on an e-reader which aggravates me because I really, really like books.  However, I guess it is ok since I have pretty much run out of room for books and would prefer to frequent the library anyway -- or the used book store or the e-reader offerings.  So, I think that will be my next read when I finish the Aunt Dimity book.

So, off to make some more scones.  Some chocolate chip ones without nuts and some apricot walnut ones for Hubs.  He loves apricots and these scones have very little sugar in them -- enough -- but not enough that it annoys his diabetes -- he can actually eat them.  So....maybe there will be photos later along with my DIY Restaurant Dinner #3.