Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sarah, Plain and Tall

I went to the library yesterday with La Bean and as she was looking around for something new to read (I think she has read the entire children's section of the libary) I meandered over to the award winner section -- Newbery, Caldicott, Bluebonnet award winners.  I was looking for something to read for my Newbery Challenge.  I have several books in my own library that are award winners -- Strawberry Girl, comes to mind -- but I wanted something different.  I immediately picked up on "Sarah, Plain and Tall" by Patricia MacLachlan. 

I had read this book as a child and have seen the movie several times.  I thought Glenn Close made a good Sarah but I never thought Christopher Walked did Jacob any service at all.  Whoa, wait, this is turning into a movie review!  No, no and no.

At any rate -- I got the book yesterday and as Bean (under the weather a bit) curled up into her reading chair and commenced to devour her library books, I curled up on the couch (also under the weather) to take a large bite out of mine.  It is a truly short read so it didn't take long.  It was as delightful as I remembered as a child and I enjoyed it.  So, I would recommend it for yourself or to read to a child although the subject matter would probably appeal to a child old enough to read it to his/herself.  I might buy a copy for my own library.

Orphan Train

I promised a review of Orphan Train after I finished it.  Well, I have finished it and it left me so profoundly moved.  I honestly did not know of the concept of the orphan trains in the 20's and 30's so when I read this book and learned about them it certainly piqued my genealogical interest.  The story is good -- in the manner of telling two parallel stories of different time periods so popular today. 

Anything I say will truly be a spoiler so I am going to reserve my urge to give a synopsis.  I am just going to say to read it if you enjoy reading  history, especially of this country, and reading of the human condition.  There are so many levels on which to relate. 

Definite recommend.