Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Word-Full Wednesday

I am sure you have all seen blog entries assigned to "Wordless Wednesday"  -- usually a lovely photo is intended to convey feelings.  Well, here is my take, all words and no pics, and it is a bit of a rant.  Sorry.

When I was a child the most offensive television commercials at the time were probably cigarette and beer commercials. While some people might have found fault with those on religious grounds I doubt many would have been embarrassed by them.

Then, when I was a teenage, many of my "dates" took place at my house with my boyfriend and I watching the weekly Saturday night movie.  At some point during this time I became aware of commercials for personal feminine products of all sorts.  I was beyond embarrassed and tried to talk over the commercials.

I got over it because clearly they weren't going away.

However, in the last few days I have been aware of a new sort of offensive commercial -- during prime time tv.

I wasn't embarrassed but rather angry when a commercial came on promoting the "morning after" pill.  I was livid.  This was during prime time when young people would be watching.  Call me old.  Call me prudish but I think this was highly uncalled for.  Seriously.

Then, last night, I got to view -- on prime time -- the steamy commercials promoting the upcoming show "Fifty Shades of Gray".  I have never been one to be in favor of censoring books -- I don't believe in book banning -- I think parents should be involved enough with their children to know what they are reading/watching/surfing, etc.  But, the fact that this commercial was being frequently run when children could be watching was not a responsible action for the network.  Again, I was angered. 

I am well passed the age for needing anything "morning after" and in my world, the fifty shades of gray could describe my hair color but I found these two commercials being offered during prime viewing time on television to be an invasion of parental rights.  It seemed to me that the networks are taking on a position to "educate" their viewers even if they are only trying to sell products, never thinking that the viewers are children and that right to "educate" should fall on the shoulders of the parents.

I know that there will be people who disagree with me but I found the commercials to be offensive and possibly dangerous

Ok, I am old now.  Tottering off my soap box.