Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Doing the No Snow Happy Dance

Good morning!  I am so doing the No Snow Happy Dance! Our illustrious weather people have been teasing us all week about the possibility of snow and very frigid temps.  Weatherperson fail!  No Snow!  It is cold but it isn't what I would call frigid and it is going to be in the 50's this afternoon!

Babysitting today but planning my next "tidy" project for tonight.  It has to be something small and easy to get accomplished.  I think the trick, for me anyway, is to choose projects that can be finished and don't become monumental.  I have a very large window seat in our bedroom which sort of acts as Junk Central -- I started on it yesterday and I might just continue with it tonight and if I can get it completely cleared that will be a win!  Keeping it clear will be a challenge because it just roars at me "come set stuff here instead of putting it away properly".  I will have to ignore the voices in my head but I think that will be my goal for this evening.  Maybe I will set a timer and see how much I get done. 

The closet still needs work but I am getting there.  My friend Jane said she can't visualize "standing" clothes so I will take some photos and show you.  When I was ready to get dressed today it was so easy because I didn't have to search for my clothes -- it worked really well.  I can see where it will be helpful in not accumulating too much because I only have so much drawer space.  However, as Kondo said in her book, by rearranging everything and sorting I got a real good idea of what I have, what needed to be discarded and what needs replacing. 

I think the reason that Kondo's book resonated with me so much was that it shows that cleaning is an ongoing process.  I guess eventually you get done, weed out enough so that you really know what you have and what you require but it isn't the rushed project that so many people who promote minimal, clutter-free living make it sound.  Like my friend Rhonda says -- housekeeping is never ending so there is no sense in trying to finish it.  I think my problem is having things in a logical order and things stored away in logical places.  I am finding the oddest variety of things in the oddest variety of places so I think if I can bring order to the chaos I will look at housekeeping completely differently and finally allow myself some time to do the fun stuff without the guilt.

Speaking of chaos -- whoever said "a load a day keeps the chaos away" spoke the truth.  I have found that by doing at least one load of laundry a day keeps the laundry under control and it becomes a much smaller job.  It doesn't pile up, it doesn't mean hours of washing, drying, folding.  It makes things manageable.  So, that is my tip of the day which I blatantly stole from somebody else.  But, it is good advice.

So, on with the day! With no snow, it has to be a good one!

Oh, my Tidy Score is 2 bags for donation and one for trash.  Will update.