Sunday, April 12, 2015

Good Thing or Bad?

For the last several years I have become more and more aware of our environment and our food sources and what is happening to them.  For the last three or four years I have been doing things to change my personal environment such as making household products, researching the toxicity in personal care products, looking at food sources, etc.  I have changed a lot of things in our home and I am comfortable with it. 

I do have a problem with food however as I don't really care for cooking as the Hubs and I have totally different tastes in eating.  I like the food my mother cooked and he likes the food his mother cooked and they aren't the same.  Not even close.  So, we struggle with it and eat out much more than we should. We are both gaining weight and it isn't a good thing so I will be spending some time today revisiting that.

However, in the last week while I have been under the weather with the dreaded stomach bug something was drawn to my attention.  I hadn't eaten for a couple of days so I sent Hubs to the store for soup.  I like homemade chicken soup but that wasn't going to happen.  I requested plain, ordinary Campbell's chicken and rice soup.  Now, I haven't eaten this soup in years but I am pretty sure I remember what it tasted like.  He came home with the "healthy" stuff -- less sodium which is ok but this stuff was vile.  I mean, like spoiled vile.  There was nothing wrong with the can and I ate about a half cup of the broth before I realized that it was really wretched.  It was so bad that I hoped I didn't die in the night from ingesting it.  I didn't go back for more, clearly, and I didn't open another can to see if there was a difference.  Could it be that my taste has changed that much?  Could it be that the soup I ate all through my childhood was always that bad?

I have found this with other stuff as well -- bread to be exact.  I simply do not like the taste of commercial bread.  I tried to eat a slice of toast this morning and I almost couldn't do it.  I have been making our bread for quite a while now and I guess I have changed my taste for it.

So, is it me?  Have I just changed my taste for food?  Is our commercial food really this bad?  I will be going grocery shopping today as we are out of everything but I won't be buying anymore Campbell's soup.   I will be buying chicken and re-packaging it so that if the need arises anytime soon I will be able to make my own soup.  Hmm..just as I was about to retire the crockpot and bread maker I think I will need to reconsider.

Food for thought -- literally.