Sunday, August 09, 2015

Nantucket Sisters by Nancy Thayer

I don't go to the beach.  I don't live near a beach.  I do, however, like to read beachy novels.  So, when my daughter brought this one home from the library I took a look and decided I would like to read it as well.

It is the story of Maggie, the year-round, non-wealthy, resident of Nantucket.  Maggie lives with her mother and brother Ben until her mother marries Thaddeus Ramsdale and they all move to the Ramsdale farm.  With this marriage, Maggie and Ben gain a grandmother named Clarice and a lovely step-father in Thaddeus.  They have a good life.

It is also the story of Emily Porter.  A summer resident swimming in money who also lives in New York in the winter and Florida on occasion.  Emily loves Ben.

Emily and Ben have a tumultuous relationship and it is ended by Ben.  Emily meets Cameron, has an affair, becomes pregnant, they marry and live in a loveless marriage for five years.

Maggie works as an occasional magazine writer and housekeeper and loves Tyler,  Tyler  leaves the island and Maggie meets Cameron.  They have an affair. Maggie gets pregnant.

I don't think I will say any more.  The plot is deliciously twisted, there are a lot of tears, an accident, a near miss, a friendship renewed, a love reunited, a new beginning. 

It was a good book, a page turner toward the middle.  I enjoyed it and I recommend it.