Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Introducing Wolfgang

We have a new addition to the back garden.  It is a little gnome that has come to live with Arlo.  His name is Wolfgang.  Hopefully they will get on well and he will be helpful in the garden.

Wolfgang holding a flower pot -- yes, it was Bean's job to take him to his new home

Arlo and Wolfgang outside their "door"
Wolfgang came from Joann Fabrics where they had a small display of Fairy Garden supplies on sale -- I guess fairy gardens are a "summer thing".  I procured him for the hefty price of $1.47.  I might go back in a few days and see what else they have.  I am not sure how the Hubs feels about me building a fairy garden in all the Asiatic jasmine but he hasn't said anything yet so I am thinking he is ok with it since he is the one that decided that Arlo's new home should be in the boulder.

I am hoping that as summer starts to fade and autumn creeps in Arlo and Wolfgang are cozy in their sturdy, boulder home -- no more trees for Arlo -- he was very upset when the tree fell -- oh my goodness, the things that came out of that little gnome's mouth -- shameful. 

So, there you have it -- Arlo and Wolfgang in their new home.  Hopefully there will be more additions to the "garden" in the future.